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Vivaio lavanda e piante per giardino


 Giardino e vivaio. Piante per giardino




Via dei laghetti, 15, 06081 Castelnuovo di Assisi

Vivaio lavanda, vivaio salvie da fiore, vivaio vendita piante perenni. Vendita piante online. Idee regalo e prodotti alla lavanda. Giardini e campi di lavanda. Parco per eventi privati e feste di compleanno. Itinerario per gite scolastiche. 

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Su di noi


L' avventura de Il Lavandeto Di Assisi è iniziata ormai dal 2004 e molti hanno scritto su di noi, ci sono stati servizi televisivi, giornali e blogger,ma il materiale è disperso nel web e nelle foto.

Grazie a  questo nuovo sito, cercheremo nel tempo  di raccogliere  la nostra storia in questa pagina!

Grazie a tutti coloro che ci seguono e che desiderano contribuire a mantenere la terra un giardino.

Per 3 ettari ci stiamo pensando noi, con i nostri campi di lavanda, i laghetti ornamentali, il giardino delle salvie e quello degli aromi.

Se non avete la terra, il fisico o il tempo niente paura, potete  condividerli e contribuire partecipando ai nostri eventi,  e venendo a visitare i campi e i giardini  oppure acquistando le nostre piante e i prodotti alla lavanda che produciamo.


Linea verde 2020

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Foto del 2009 

Foto del 2007

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Servizio TG3 Rai 2015

Eventus vari anna fa

Campi di lavanda de IL LAVANDETO DI ASSISI Foto anno 2007

Campi di lavanda, dove trovare campi di lavanda, i migliori campi di lavanda
eventi in umbria, visite guidate assisi,

Comments by REBECCA

Of Flowers and Bees, Butterflies and Dreams: Il Lavandeto di Assisi We’re back with our monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable! The theme this month is “Bug”, and you can blame any of my fellow writers for this, including Laura Thayer, Kate Bailward, Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli, Alexandra Korey, Gloria, or Michele Fabio. Any of them. (If you missed the previous months, take a look here.) Welcome to our table…come pull up a chair and join in on the conversation!

Follow your dream, they say. They say it in commencement speeches. They say it on Oprah. They say it on Instagram, superimposed on romantic photos of footprints on the beach stretching to the distant sunset.

Yeah, well. As anyone who has actually followed a dream knows, it is a hell of a lot of work…much more than one would presume from the idyllic kitten posters and wrist tats. And sometimes it doesn’t pan out, or it pans out only halfway, or it pans out much, much later than what your business plan suggested.

But sometimes it does work out. Sometimes you’re just an office employee in Umbria who has a passion for plants – lavender and other herbs, to be specific – and you up and decide more than a decade ago that you are going to quit that job, rent a plot of land near your house, and plant your first rows of fragrant lavadula. You start with that first crop, and then you plant the next. You sweat under the hot sun, you start adding other herbs and medicinals, you pack up your van each weekend with pots and dried flower sachets to hit the area markets and fairs, and you begin to make a name for yourself.

Sometimes you even open up a little shop in town, stuffed to the gills with lavender-themed gift and crafts. You start getting your husband excited about your side hustle, and he eventually quits his job to help you in the fields and greenhouses. You start to stock rare types of basil and strangely colored breeds of sage, and next to the fields you begin to stake out a lovely garden with rose-covered trellises, lush beds of herbs, and even a tiny pond with waterlilies looking as exotic as pineapples in the surrounding Umbrian countryside.

ometimes you have the grit and vision and patience of Lorena Fastellini, who founded Il Lavandeto di Assisi more than ten years ago. From a small plot of lavender, Il Lavandeto now grows dozens of types of herbs and medicinal plants – including a vast variety of lavender – and has a shop both in Assisi and at the farm. But most people know Il Lavandeto for their lovely garden in the valley below Assisi, where visitors can wander through the herb and flower beds, stroll under the trellis, relax next to the pretty pond, and snap some of the best pictures of Assisi from below against the foreground of deep blue lavender flowers.

I stopped by last week, just after their annual “Festa della Lavanda” was finishing up. For three weekends in June and July, the lavender is at its most colorful and Loreno (with husband Gino), hold a market in their garden and a series of lavender-themed dinners and other events. The Lavandeto buzzes with visitors from across Italy, and is filled with stands selling lavender-related crafts. But the morning I pulled in, all was quiet. I spent a few minutes in the garden by myself, savoring the clean scent of lavender and rose, watching the butterflies and honeybees alight on their delicate blossoms, and listening to the plops of fish (or maybe frogs) in the pond. If this is what a dream looks like, then follow away, I say.

A special thanks to Lorena Fastellini, who very generously provided me with bug pictures to fit the theme of this month when it became clear that I had neither the skill nor the equipment to take them myself. You can visit their garden and greenhouse on Via dei Laghetti in Castelnuovo di Assisi, or their shop in the center of Assisi at Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 1c right next to the Giovanni Paolo II parking lot near the Basilica.

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